Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sarah Danielson
Dr. Wielgos
College Writing 2
                My photo essay is about what the Down syndrome students do during class every day of school. The first picture I have is a picture of the classrooms chalkboard. On the chalk board there is a calendar and many other things, on my caption I tell how the students start their day and how what they learn to begin the day with. They learn how to read a calendar and make sure that they know what the day of the week is, making sure that they will be able to know how to tell what is going on outside. The second picture I have is a picture of the classroom as a full. I tell the audience that the students then learn  their reading, how and what they do to make sure that they will become good readers in the future. In the classroom the students learn how to read signs, this is great for the future because they will be able to go shopping, walk across the street at the right time, or maybe even drive a car. The third picture I have is a picture of the student cubbyholes that show a lot of paper. Making sure that the readers understand that they also work on their writing and making sure that they will be good writer in the future and what they can do with those writings in the future. They teach the students when they get older how to write checks, fill out applications, make sure that they are prepared to maybe live on their own one day. The fourth picture is a picture of the computers that they use on a regular basis. The computers are used for all subject and it will help them in the future to get a job. Millions of people use technology every day, learning technology is one of the most important aspects into getting a job now a days. The fifth photo is a photo of the kitchen, showing that the students learn more than the average student does each day. They also learn how to cook for themselves. They learn how to make snacks, mac & cheese, and anything that they would like to learn. This is a key aspect in their classroom because teachers want them to be able to survive on their own if they have to. The sixth photo is a picture of the laundry machines. They make sure that the students learn how to do their own laundry. They need to be able to make sure, that they will be able to have clean clothes on their back at all times, and if their parents cannot do it, than they will be able to. The seventh photo is a picture of their nook area-showing math on the wall. I want the reader to notice that they work with money so in the future they will be able to take care of themselves without anyone really helping the whole time. Money is very important to people, and learning how to count money is a very important aspect to have, when getting a job, you might need to be able to count money, and the teachers want them to be able to do that to get a job in the future. The last picture is a picture of the student’s folders and area to get their things for the day, ending the photo essay on that the students learn science at the end of the day. Science is a fun learning for the students, they learn about animals and plant, and then they grow plants as well. I hope that the reader feels a little during the essay, feeling maybe a little joy to know that these students will be able to one day live on their own and not have to be taken care of by everyone that they know. I hope that they take from this photo essay that Down syndrome children can do whatever they want if they have a good classroom and good staff that will help them out, then they will be able to do whatever they want in life. I think that it is good for those students to get those opportunities in life. If I was a Down syndrome student, I think that I would be glad to get these opportunities because I think that I would feel more normal and make sure that people would not look after me as much and get more freedom. Make my parents proud that I could do so much. I feel like if I ever have a Down syndrome child, I will be happy that I have good schools out there that make sure my child will get as many opportunities as the next.

Photo Essay


The Average day of a Down syndrome Student at School

After getting off the bus and eat their breakfast, the students with Down syndrome go to their classroom. When first getting in their classroom, the students work on calendar, what the day is, what tomorrow will be, and what yesterday was. They go through the months of the year and the days of the week.



After going through the calendar, the kids start on reading. They review their letters and sounds. They blend sounds to make words. They read stories that entertain them and that are at their reading level. They also work on how to read safety signs, like the stop signs, restroom signs.



After reading, they work on their writing. They normally write about what they read for that day. They work on their name, address, and their phone numbers, because this will help them in the future.


They use computers during reading, math and writing. There are special programs that help make sure they are getting better. When the students are in eighth grade, the students learn how to fill out job applications. They also use programs to work on their sight vocabulary.



Every day of the week the students learn how make different kinds of food. They make snacks like popcorn, pop tarts, different sandwiches, and anything that is basic that they can make when they are hungry. One day a week, they teach the students how to make bigger meals, like macaroni and cheese, pizzas, pancakes, and soup with grilled cheese.




A couple of times a week they learn how to do their own laundry. They each get different jobs, like one-person sorts the clothes, and another person measures the amount of laundry detergent they should put into their washing machine.

Throughout the day, the students also work on their math. They learn how to identify numbers, they will put the number of objects with the number, and they will work with money. They learn how to add and subtract, some work with multiples. Other things they work on are telling time, counting change, the dollar over strategy. 



At the end of the day, the students work on their science skills. They learn about plants, they grow plants, they learn about animals, and learn about space, with the planets and the moon. Then they go back to their bus to go home for the day.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My experience with the photo essay.

I do not have any really bad issues with the photo essay, I mean I couldn't take any pictures of actual Down syndrome children, because it is illegal. So all I have is pictures of the classroom, which kind of sucks that they are not really good pictures. Also I did not take enough I guess. When my mom and I were going through what the students went through everyday we did not really talk about some of the cool things that the student do as well. It was a little disappointing when I found out. I also did not realize if I was supposed to put all of this on to a power point or if it could just be on a actual work document. When doing the rough draft, I did not think that it was really challenging, maybe just a little frustrating. I could not really come up with any questions and that is why I just basically tell as story, and the only people that I could think about that would even what to read/look at my photo essay would be maybe teachers that cant teach to see how a good classroom is run or maybe like the parents that actually wanted to just read my paper to learn what their child will learn on an average week of school. I also think that I is a great job what that school does with the Down syndrome students. They really teach them things that will make them one day able to get a job, work, maybe move out of their parents homes. Really be able to live like a normal human. This will also help the parents in the future because they will realize that they can have a life in the future and that they would not have to make sure that they are always worried about their child every waking moment of the day. I hope that the photo essay will show everything that I want it to show. There are probably parts of my wording in some of the sentences that probably sound like crap, but thank God that right now it is only the rough draft!
I hope that the my essay changes throughout the paper. I think that pathos is used throughout, just having it be about students in general always gets peoples emotions. I think that ethos is used when talking about what the students learn each day in the classroom. I think that logos is used when telling the audience examples of what the students learn throughout the day like how to make a pizza.
I think that the narrative does proved the audience with more understanding of the picture. I think that goes through all photo essays because without them then it would not even become an essay it would be pictures. I think that pictures are worth a thousand words to different people, so without the words that the author puts with the picture people might think that my essay is about going from school to home.